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Getting ready for my churn session

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Getting ready for my churn session

Postby tomtuckermyass » Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:31 am

Can't wait to sit down and do my next churn out session. Now I am up to a speed of about 4 articles an hour (sometimes only 3), which is fucking great, it gives me such a buzz when i log off after two hours of hard rock speed typing great titles such as "how to churn butter left-handed with a swollen tit" or "how to feed pigs walnuts slowly under the sunshine five minutes before the rain starts" etc.

I am slowly turning into a paul mann, now I understand how he could write 20 a day. As soon as they connect the internet in my new flat I will be easily doing 10-12 a day which is near top-level pay where I live. I normally provide .gov and .edu references, provided searchedu brings any up, if not just any old google reference will do. I started with 40 mins, then down to 30 then 20, now i sometimes finish an article in under 12 minutes if i know what i write about (i time it) and since I write in an internet shop and time is limited i do it even faster, yesterday i finished 3 in 40 mins. I hope DMS will be on for at least another 6 months, so that i can save up enough for my round the world trip or to open my small cafe i have been planning for a while. :idea:
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Re: Getting ready for my churn session

Postby berg » Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:19 pm

I think they will be around at least until the end of this year. They have some money they have left to burn. Plus, they can't just IPO and then leave all of the investors in the lurch. Children are afraid of lawsuits.

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