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Finally had to join the dark side...

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Finally had to join the dark side...

Postby MilkingItDry » Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:57 am

I've lurked here for a while and even more so since the great DMS collapse of 2011 but finally had to join the dark side because jesus h christ, I've never seen a company run itself into the ground so quickly.

I'll admit I was a huge proponent of Demand Studios for over two years because let's admit it, it was easy and relatively decent money for what we were doing. I don't kid myself, I consider myself a freelance writer only because I get paid to write, I don't consider it a career or lifelong dream, it's a part time job to line my pockets while in school.

I probably even bashed DSS a few times along the way because I was a naive fool who couldn't see through all the easy cash and seemingly endless titles. I thought you guys were a bunch of assholes; well you probably still are but at least you make sense. I don't have any harsh feelings towards any of the "zombies" because I was probably one of them going "how awesome is DMS, i like money, its easy money, DMS will never die!"

But god damn, in the past few months its clear that a monkey could run DMS better. The endless dodging questions, the run around, the lack of clear direction on where the company is going; who runs DMS, Paul Mann?

I think I'm more pissed off and bitter that the gravy train is coming to an end then the incompetence of DMS overall. I'm not pissed at anyone in the forums there, they were milking it like you guys were and like I was. I'm not even pissed at DMS that much, it was easy money.

I'm probably more pissed at myself and the bad timing of Google raping DMS and killing the flow of easy titles. I keep saying "if only it had lasted a couple more months."

That said, I had to stop lurking because the growing incompetence of DMS higher ups combined with watching the slow death of the easiest way to make a buck in years makes me want to punch dozens of babies in the face on a daily basis.

My biggest regret is not seeing the future and milking those easy titles as much as I could when they were there. But at least it's not too late, I still have access to titles and rather than sitting back and crying about it, I'm going to rock this sinking ship until the band stops playing and milk as many titles as I can. Plus I need the cash, this isn't asking for donations you guys but just saying I need to eat tonight...my paypal is XXXXXX and I'm not asking for donations but my checking account number is XXXXXXXX....k thanks bye.
Back in mine day Demand Studio can get you most money then real part time job.
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Re: Finally had to join the dark side...

Postby liarmcliarface » Wed Dec 28, 2011 7:12 pm

Welcome to the weirdness, milk man. Expect abuse for a while. Take offense and you're sunk. Fucking roll with it and everything'll be jakey. Also, lurk even moar. (That means listen and don't jump to conclusions.) Again, welcome, and have fun!
"You gotta keep your worlds apart!" - George Costanza
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