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Another CE applicant rejected

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Another CE applicant rejected

Postby Azucena » Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:36 pm

I was approved as a writer for DMS three years ago, but my CE application was turned down. Apparently I flunked the test, despite years of copy editing experience in New York City as well as at area newspapers in New Jersey. So it is disheartening to read forum posts such as these, from a writer/CE:

"Just trying to say that comma errors, whether made by the writer or the CE, are not a big deal in my book, and the same goes for hyphens. . . when I write for Demand, punctuation, style and spelling errors are introduced into my copy regularly, as happens to everyone who writes much at all for Demand. It's all below my radar."

Ya think?

DMS should be embarrassed to send out newsletters and emails with goofs like these:

"There was an error with our previous unsubscribe link, our apologies if you are receiving this email in errror."
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