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Why I've been scarce

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Why I've been scarce

Postby D.H. » Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:37 pm

Sorry that I've been so unavailable lately.

The primary reason is because I just crossed some invisible threshold in my mind that I didn't even know was there. I couldn't bring myself to write another crappy word for Demand. I haven't written for them in well over a month. Every time I tried, I found myself brain retching. I started by reclaiming articles and extending my deadlines. Then I just let them lapse without any reclamation. Then ... I just stopped caring at all.

I think it was brought on by my deep diving into the IPO. I haven't finished writing everything I found. It chaps my ass how much money some people made on this terrible company and the lies they tell the public (and likely themselves) about how earth-changing the business model is. It's a crappy company with crappy management slinging a crappy product. Them's the facts, Jack!

I found that I couldn't willingly participate in the crap slinging anymore, or else I'm just as guilty for polluting the Internet as the people I criticize. I think my realization came while I was fasting. I actually made it 20 days on the master cleanse diet without a taste of solid food. After the first week, my energy was back. But, while I was in deep contemplation of cleansing my body I was also in deep contemplation about cleansing my mind. I decided that the money was not worth the exchange that I make with Demand Media for polluting my mind and the Internet with drivel. Sure, I could write better, and take 2x to 3x as long to kick out the work, but who wants to do that?

So I stopped writing for Demand, in an effort to no longer contribute to something I find distasteful at its core. With not writing for DMS, I have a whole lot less of a reason to hang out and shoot the shit here. I try to poke my head in and clean up the spam. We need to do some upgrades to the site software. I owe Patrick a few blog posts. It's hard to care about DMS or DSS when I'm not writing for them. I found that I spent my most hours here in the forums when I was writing the most. There is a correlation.

The irony is that I have just been approved for both Travel and Technology sections.
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Re: Why I've been scarce

Postby ms.IV » Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:59 pm

lol at the irony.

I know how you feel tho. I really should/need to write a ton there this month to make my final nest egg for China and I just... cant. Sometimes if I can find some tips I can talk myself into doing a few then segue into a longer article but otherwise it's just... exhausting, emotionally and intellectually. I hate it.
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