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Writing an e book

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Re: Writing an e book

Postby wordmercenary » Fri May 13, 2011 2:29 am

I was recently reading an article (don't ask me where, I forgot) detailing how many Kindle consumers are turning to new authors as a way of finding content outside of the normal publishing system.

Having written one book and now in the process of doing my second through a standard publisher, I'm about at the point where I've become less than enamored with how slowly everything moves.

The article I read was talking about a certain lawyer by day who writes fiction by night. According to the article, he was earning an extra $200k per year just releasing on the Kindle. He was pricing his work at $.99 and it sounded like it was akin to a series released in shorter lengths more frequently to keep people coming back.

I'm definitely thinking of giving it a try, as soon as I come up with a fiction idea that doesn't suck.
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