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Travel writing contest

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Travel writing contest

Postby ms.IV » Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:49 pm

I found a pretty cool contest but only people who make 25% or less of their income from writing qualify (or maybe it's 25% from travel writing). Anyway, its a contest for people interested in learning more about travel writing where they send you on an expense paid trip and hook you up with a mentor to learn style. If you qualify and are interested message me here so I can give you the link (dont wanna publish it here for everyone to see). Entries must be sent by the 28th.

Also, for those of you that asked me for the link list, I got distracted/busy. I will try and update the list to send you some ops tonight. Also if you lemme know your interests I can send you a message when I come across stuff you might like.
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