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Question about kill fees

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Re: Question about kill fees

Postby undercover » Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:57 pm

I had an experience with somebody who didn't want to pay full price. I simply stated that if he did not want to pay full price, then I would register my copyright. (He had work product.) Full price was paid in a timely fashion.

I actually didn't care either way -- I could have made money selling the material myself. But I can't stand manipulative people who try to change the agreement after the fact. I worked with someone IRL one summer who tried to underpay me every paycheck. And every time, I said if he couldn't fulfill his end of the contract then I was finished. All of sudden, I had another check in my hand. Gets. really. old.

This last example had nothing to do with writing -- I was teaching art classes and working as a camp counselor; the dude wanted me to take a lower hourly wage for the camp counselor gig than he originally agreed.
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