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oDesk Contacted My Client to Undersell Me

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oDesk Contacted My Client to Undersell Me

Postby TheHerpDerpPerp » Tue May 22, 2012 3:27 am

I've been with oDesk a couple of years... and close to full time since Demand became useless. I bill thousands of dollars every month via oDesk.

Many times I've had people hint or ask flat out to bring me out of oDesk, disintermediate and pocket their 10 percent fee for ourselves. Everytime, I refer the client to the buyout provisions and explain that I try to take care of all my partners, including oDesk, and it's good business for me to ensure that bidding sites like them flourish and remain successful.

Today, a client forwards an email to me asking have I heard of this?

oDesk wrote him about their new beta program MediaPiston. MediaPiston is sort of like their in house Demand Studios. They select writerz, and have an editur do the top editing and go between for a flat rate per piece depending on the length.

In other fields, an agent that pulled that shit would lose his license.

A big, hearty fuck you to oDesk.
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Re: oDesk Contacted My Client to Undersell Me

Postby Psycho_Insomniac » Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:54 pm

It's not a beta program. Media Piston is an entirely different format altogether. I write for them and have with some pretty good success. oDesk bought Media Piston, and they were letting your client know about different options. Joe, the creator of Media Piston, is active in the forums, listens to writers, makes changes to to the site as needed and generally treats everyone who writes there 100% better than Demand. In fact, it is NOT a DMS-type format in that clients post job titles. They are not generated by some automated program.

The clients have to follow the guidelines in posting jobs, and writers have to follow client instructions. I've made pretty good money there and have had zero luck with oDesk.
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