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New Tool: Answers Masking As Answers

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New Tool: Answers Masking As Answers

Postby ClusterFQueen » Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:22 pm

You guys have to check out the answers to common questions on the "Quality Improvement Tool" in the studio news forum section. It's like reading the words of someone who believes they have the power to define your reality. Wow.

Here's an example:

Question #1 expresses concern about giving CEs too much power. The tin can answer to this question is "not at all...we will be tracking and monitoring abuse of this system..." Ha. Ok. That's the answer. Open your mouth, take it in, there's your answer, now run along and be a good little writer . . .

Question #2 raises the issue of subjectivity. The answer to this concern is "we will be avidly tracking" misinterpretations. Sweet! You're now dependent on a company who doesn't pay fairly to "protect" your best interests from the subjective whims of questionably qualified editors! Yay.

How cozy and safe everyone should feel under the thumb of this new tool. The OZ has spoken.



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