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Wow, my queue's almost empty

Talk about Demand Studios and Demand Media. How about that health insurance?!!

Wow, my queue's almost empty

Postby 60bagsoftrash » Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:05 am

...with nothing more to claim. And I really mean nothing -- I hid everything unwritable, and all queues for all channels are at zero. I'm staying up until 4 just to hit refresh. Scary.

ETA: Stuff seems to be flying through without rewrites tonight though, which is good.

Aaand...finished with four hoarded within the last three hours. 8 written total today, I think. I have no memory left at this point, it's all just pants on the dog. Gonna try to crank out the four left in my queue since I'm up anyway waiting for a drop.
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