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Choosing Ads

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Choosing Ads

Postby pinkelephant » Tue May 24, 2011 6:41 am

My site has been live since the 22nd of April so I have had some time to collect data. I need some help figuring out what to do from those of you that have run monetized blogs before. Heres my breakdown:

18-40 visitors a day
64.83% of traffic is from a Referring Link
18.64% is Direct Traffic
16.54% is Search Engine Traffic
I've had 1,009 pageviews in 30 days with about 25% of my traffic viewing up to 7 pages deep in the site. My referring link traffic are people that know about adsense and don't click on the ads so I can really only count the data coming from my direct and search engine traffic. So 134 visitors came to the site through those means. That number will probably level out in a few months and the fact that I even have those visitors and I am ranking for keywords in less than 30 days thrills me to no end.

Of the 134 visitors 27 have exited through a link and 17 of those links were Google ads. So, I think I am correct in saying that nearly 2/3 of the time an exit link is used it's a converted click. That's a ratio of about 1 to 5. I think for a baby site thats acceptable. Heres my problem:

The ads clicked are my text link ads at the top of the page and my 250x250 ads in the sidebar. I have a 468x60 ad in the lower sidebar that's doing terrible with only 1 click and I think I should pull it altogether or move it into the slot currently held by my amazon widget (which really looks like hell) My Amazon widget received 19 clicks with nothing converted. I think it's taking up valuable ad real estate, in a slot that is known to be highly clickable. I have never used Amazon Affiliates on my own sites and really I have never done well with it. Pocket change which equals 5-10% of my earnings isn't doing well in my opinion. I can't up-sell someone to save my life.

Moving on, I was approved for Kontera and it's also doing terribly. Of 763 impressions I've had 3 clicks. I am beginning to think that those ads may be as useless as Chitika ads which equals a shitload of clicks but only $0.01 at a time. I consider that to be a waste of space, because why the hell do I research keywords if a competing ad equals only $0.01. Also, Kontera is a pain in my ass and I have to constantly go back in and enable it on individual posts. IDK what the hell is wrong with it and Suffusion, but thats too much work for $0.06. Basically I had 22 clicks that didn't equal squat when I could have had 41 clicks that were Google ads so I would have some idea of what they would earn beforehand.

So, in your opinion would you pull Amazon and instead use it as an adhoc widget when you have something to talk about that directly relates to an Amazon purchase?

Would you also pull Kontera or leave it for a bit and see if it picks up?

I know the data will change drastically once the site has had time to grow but I don't want to be playing with ad placement all the time. I would rather be posting than playing with code. I'm not good at it and frankly, it pisses me off if I have to work at it for extended periods.

Heres my site http://savvypracticality.com/
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