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Been lurking for what seems like forever..

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Been lurking for what seems like forever..

Postby DMSZombieNoMore » Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:38 pm

And thoroughly enjoy reading all the posts here. They are great and for what it is worth, have made me feel like there really is a community of folks that see Demand for what it is...a soul sucker. I thank you all for that!

As my user name implies, I wrote my last article for Demand on Feb 19th. Planned on taking a week off and then they introduced the Quit Tool. After well over 3 years of writing for them - that was the proverbial last straw. I emptied my claimed assignments and offered up my soul to the universe in the hopes that my better half would find a job after 3 years of being unemployed. He did, and while he has to do a 4 hour round trip commute - we are both happier.

I'm glad to finally come out - now maybe I can join the fun.
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