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My first elderly client

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Re: My first elderly client

Postby CE_ClueBat » Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:17 pm

Lol you are a saint. I think the only person I had that level of patience with is my grandma. She once called me because she couldn't log in to something. I went over her house and found out she was using an l for the number one because that's what she did on her typewriter. Oh grandma.

I don't know if I could handle someone else's grandma even though I love to help those people. You know she will drive you insane. Lol but you could consider yourself doing a good deed for the day.
"Or, it could be that I don't know everything." ~TheBatman
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Re: My first elderly client

Postby The Batman » Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:34 pm

She's been reading Indian SEO blogs. RUN!
"Wait, when is March Madness?" ~CE Cluebat
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The Batman
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Re: My first elderly client

Postby WalkAway » Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:41 pm

Lol, this is why you use Google Voice. I have a number through them that forwards to my regular cell number. If I get any annoying callers, I can easily block'em on G Voice.
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