How to Take the Money and Run

We’ve gotten the same email from a few different readers and wanted to give you guys a hat tip for keeping on the ball more than we are.

Turns out that Richard Rosenblatt, head of Demand Studios and everyone’s favorite grilled cheese maker, has finally made it official – he’s taking the money and getting while the getting is good.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) — Demand Media said Monday that its CEO and chairman, Richard Rosenblatt, will resign from the company he helped found by the end of the month.

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company did not explain why Rosenblatt […]

DSS Mailbag

We pull some letters from the Demand Studios Sucks mailbag. […]

DSS Mailbox: DMS Still Ignoring Experts

How to be a Special Grilled Cheese Chef!

Hey there everyone,

The cool winds are starting to blow and the leaves are changing. Fall is upon us.

Unfortunately, unlike the weather, some things never change.

Like Demand Studios shoving aside expert writers and backing up clueless CEs.

I can confirm this firsthand. It’s really getting to the point where rewrites just aren’t worth it anymore. So you have to spend your time picking out titles that aren’t ambiguous. Which is tough, especially with the state of the queues now.

Just got this in the mailbox. Details have been changed to protect the innocent.

So apparently you all are […]

DSS: Killing off the Ace of Spades

How to Have Little Thingies on Your Face and Still Get Laid a Bunch

Hey kids,

This one was submitted as a comment by DSS regular Another One Bits the Dust, but we thought it was too good to get lost in the shuffle.

This just shows how screwed the Writer Evaluation Program still is and always has been. It’s starting to seem that the system somehow gets tipped off if a writer produces lots and lots of content.

It’s really kind of unbelievable how Demand continues to do this. And then, on top of it all, say that their hands are tied and there’s nothing they can […]

DSS to Qualified Writers – You’re Fired!

How to Fire Qualified Writers

Well, it’s good to see that a few of you are still kicking around out there.

Our last post attracted quite a few comments, which is always fun to see.

We know that there’s a problem with the forums and we’re working on it. So if you could just hold those opinions for a bit longer, we’ll unleash the hounds.

So can anyone else confirm the whole “CEs signing their names to edits” now? Is this everyone?

Here’s another piece of fan mail that popped through the DSS door.

Feel free to keep the comments and tips comin’.

DS seems […]

Demand Just Keeps Getting Suckier

DSS Regular Another One Bites the Dust dropped us this little snippet from the DMS forums:

“I was recently disheartened and disappointed to be told I am ineligible to write education articles. I have 25 years of classroom experience. I have taught at the middle school, high school and university levels. I have a doctorate in education, a masters degree in teaching history and a masters degree in curriculum and instruction. I have published a column on education issues and contribute to several education publications. I honestly do not understand how I could be ineligible to contribute to the education section.”

And user Rosenblatts**ksj*zz (gotta love […]