Breaking News – This is The End

Is Demand Studios closed for good? […]

Fired From a Content Mill: A True Story

Richard Head

Wanted to give a shout out to lurker “Ravis”. He shares a story about writing for Demand back in the early days. This pretty much hits the nail on the head:

Over time, the pay went from from $15 to $25, so I wrote a little more often. In the words of the wise and sage-like Todd Snider, it was all about that easy money, and I was just looking for the most I could get for the least I could do. And man, was it easy. The best part was, you could often write variations of another article you’d written previously. For example, I would write […]

The Ship Continues to Sink

How to Go Down With the Ship

Hey DSSers – thanks for all the emails. They’re almost coming in too fast for us to publish! Here’s another update we got today. 

In reference to your post about another late DS pay day, here’s a thread you might find interesting. The contributors at DS are getting desperate. And strange. One perpetually upbeat community moderator started a forum on ways to make “quick money” in light of DS’s failure to pay on time. It’s really sad that the economy is so bad that people are resorting to selling their clothes, books and other personable valuables. But this conversation string made […]

DMS Payments Late Again

How to Go Down With the Ship

(Thanks to DSSer LB for this on the spot report!)

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the payment scheduled for Friday 3/14 will be delayed until Monday, 3/17. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause the members of the DMS community.”

Some were rightfully pissed off:

“Yanoo, this would be believable if payments hadn’t been getting later and later recently. AND they are all but shutting down the writing part of the company and the stock is in the toilet. Now, “due to technical difficulties” payment is delayed till Monday? I was in the accounting field  many moons ago but for long […]

DMD Falls to a New Low and Crosby is Mad as Hell

Hey DSSers,

Hope everyone made it through the craziness of the last few days. I don’t have to tell you that old DMS is in bad shape.

As I write this, their stock has plummeted below $5 – the lowest it’s been in a year, and executives are warning stockholders that profits aren’t going to be what they thought.

Love this quote from a story on Reuters:

“We need to fix eHow,” said Mel Tang, Demand Media CFO, suggesting an overhaul to turn the site into a destination rather than one that people stumble upon after conducting a search query.

Little birdies are […]

Auto-Matic for the People!

How to Deal With Automotive CEs

Hey kids, 

DMS continues to piss people off as much as ever.

Just this week we got reports that writers haven’t been paid and a couple of CE bitch fests. 

This letter appeared in the DMS box and we just had to share.  

How goes things in your DMS world? The queues are looking mighty grim in a number of sections, yet DMS continues to hire writers and hold webinars. 

Way to go, team! 

Reader Mailbag

I am now a former DSM writer for the Automotive section.

Just wanted to vent a bit about my experiences.

First off, I currently […]