Is Demand Still Gaming Google?

Howdy all – sorry for the delay. Been lots of craziness in the Demand Sucks world, but it looks like we have the website back under control. Just so that we all know what the score is, here’s some prices to remind you:

DMD IPO Price 2011: $23.59 Current DMD price 2015: $6.58

Of course, that current price is after a couple of splits, so I’ll leave all the financial mumbo jumbo up to you DSSers or Richard Head if he ever decides to show up again.

Anyway, thanks for all the emails. Here’s a guest post from DSSer “Bob Smith”.

Demand Media Studios was […]

Old News

How to Go Down With the Ship

Yeah, we know it’s been a while since we rapped at ya.

In all truth, neither Richard or myself has even logged into the Demand site in many months.

Writing this post yesterday made me curious to see if I still even had permissions, so I checked.

And, lo and behold I do.

A quick snoop around confirmed that Demand is pumping out hard hitting journalism pieces as ever.

Some of the titles I noticed in the queue:

What is the Most Popular Job in Japan? Tractor Repair Training How to Teach English in Greenland

Ahh, some things never change.

Now […]

Demand Earnings Call and a Job?

How to Write for Demand Studios Sucks

Hey DSSers,

This was dropped in our mailbox a few days back by fellow DSSer BamaFan. Make of it what you will. Feel free to post your own comments.

So, Demand’s insiders decided to salvage what’s left of their personal shares by splitting off the domain name side of the biz from the dying content side just days before the next (disastrous?) earnings call.

While it looks like Demand’s stock has soared from $5 to $11, that’s because shareholders got a 1-5 reverse stock split. I think if you had 500 shares of DMD before the changeover, you got 100 […]

DMD Falls to a New Low and Crosby is Mad as Hell

Hey DSSers,

Hope everyone made it through the craziness of the last few days. I don’t have to tell you that old DMS is in bad shape.

As I write this, their stock has plummeted below $5 – the lowest it’s been in a year, and executives are warning stockholders that profits aren’t going to be what they thought.

Love this quote from a story on Reuters:

“We need to fix eHow,” said Mel Tang, Demand Media CFO, suggesting an overhaul to turn the site into a destination rather than one that people stumble upon after conducting a search query.

Little birdies are […]

The End is Nigh?

Lots of news on the Demand Studios front. We’re getting lots of reports about some kind of glitch in the payment system. Demand, of course, said nothing.

So we decided to tweet it a little before 12PM EST.

For SOME reason, they decided to respond to this. Here you can see their timeline, with the last update 17 hours ago. Oddly enough their last tweet was also related to money…

How to Fail at Social Media









And this is from a company that wants you to connect all your social media accounts so they can make more money off your […]

The CE Blacklist

How to Dress Like a Demand CE

Hi there DSSers,

January 2014 has come and is just about gone, so we’ve at least got that out of the way.

This was an interesting letter that showed up in the DSS mailbox and thought I’d run it by the crew (or what’s left of you out there).

Hey Patrick,

Demand Studios is about to go. You know it, I know it, the stockholders know it. The only people who don’t seem to know it are the clueless Zombs in the forums and CEs. Why are they still being dicks when editing articles? NOBODY CARES HOW WELL RESEARCHED THESE THINGS […]