The Ship Continues to Sink

How to Go Down With the Ship

Hey DSSers – thanks for all the emails. They’re almost coming in too fast for us to publish! Here’s another update we got today.

In reference to your post about another late DS pay day, here’s a thread you might find interesting. The contributors at DS are getting desperate. And strange. One perpetually upbeat community moderator started a forum on ways to make “quick money” in light of DS’s failure to pay on time. It’s really sad that the economy is so bad that people are resorting to selling their clothes, books and other personable valuables. But this conversation string […]

The End is Nigh?

Lots of news on the Demand Studios front. We’re getting lots of reports about some kind of glitch in the payment system. Demand, of course, said nothing.

So we decided to tweet it a little before 12PM EST.

For SOME reason, they decided to respond to this. Here you can see their timeline, with the last update 17 hours ago. Oddly enough their last tweet was also related to money…

How to Fail at Social Media









And this is from a company that wants you to connect all your social media accounts so they can make more money off your […]

Preserved for Posterity

Demand Studios About to Close – But Will it Reopen?

Today is the day everyone!

If you didn’t hear the news, at 5PM PST, Demand Studios will shut its virtual doors:

Hello everyone,

We recently announced that the Studio would be on vacation while we celebrate the December holidays. We wanted to share some additional details to help everyone plan accordingly.

The Studio site will be unavailable starting Wednesday, December 18 at 5PM PT, through Thursday, January 2 at 8AM PT. During this time, you will not be able to log in to the Studio system.

However, not to worry, as usual the DMS forums are full of helpful tips for getting through this difficult time:

Seven days […]

Holiday Greetings from Demand!

Demand Media gets ready to shut down over the holidays. […]

DSS Mailbag

We pull some letters from the Demand Studios Sucks mailbag. […]