Holiday Greetings from Demand!

Demand Media gets ready to shut down over the holidays. […]

DMS Bonus Program – Time to Get Pizzzzzaiiid, Ya’ll!!!

How to Make Cash Money, Ya’ll!

Seeing as how we don’t have access to the treasured grove of Demand goodness anymore, we’re currently relying on the goodness of you insiders to provide us with the latest juicy tidbits from inside the Demand Machine.

And you guys delivered!

Couple of extra items here, both from the intrepid team of DSS on-the-spot reporters.

Message Body: Just in case no one sent you the latest and greatest from DMS, here’s a copy. It’s interesting to note there are currently over 30,000 assignments (at least in my queue anyway) waiting to be picked up. Me thinks this might just be […]

Farewell Tech Beta

How To Program for DS

Hi there, everyone.

How’s you?

You guys holding up?

Word is that things have been mighty dry down on the eHow ranch. A little bird tells us that the eHow Tech Beta articles have finally dried up. Na

ry a Windows XP article in sight. Mostly what’s kicking around now are a bunch of small business articles and some legal zoom stuff.

How’s it going on your end? Making things last? What’s next?

Smoke & Mirrors

How to Continue to Write for Demand

Hey there everyone,


Hard to believe that we’re still here after TWO YEARS.


Sure, traffic might be down, and the forums weren’t the wonderful place they used to be back in the olden days, but we’re still hanging on.

I noticed this comment in the forum where a poster was talking about how nothing has really changed, despite all the fancy new title sections, exciting new YouTube channels, and sudden rise in the stock price.

I’ve had a couple of other posters send me the same information. Apparently, DS is […]

DSS: New Forum Rules

Hey DSSers – we’ve had some problems in the forums lately, so we’ve had to call on our old buddy Giff Head to straighten things out.

How to To What I Tell You

Rules of Conduct

Listen up, yo….

The forum is for professionals actively working with Demand Studios Sucks, dumbasses.

While DSS staff will participate in discussions to provide answers and insight, the forum is also a place for you to gather, discuss and help one another how best to squeeze the last few drops out of the dying horse that was Demand Studios.

We trust you to be courteous, but we […]

eHow: The Beginning of the End?

How it Ends

This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper.

T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men

That’s a scary sight right there.

Kind of strange seeing that after over four years of toiling away in the Demand Dungeon.

Now, apparently lots of people are seeing the same thing and, according to Demand staff, it’s due to a “technical glitch”.

The story is that they’re in the midst of moving all the Home & Garden articles into the separate Home and Garden sections.

But we all know better, don’t we?

Apparently Tech Beta is still going pretty strong. Well, relatively […]