Breaking News – This is The End

Is Demand Studios closed for good? […]

Demand Says Buh-Bye to eHow?

The beginning of the end?

Yep. Looks like Demand is selling off eHow.

Sad days.

I wonder “e-How” the assignment queue is doing?

I’m just glad that Richard picked me up a Demand Studios t-shirt while they were available.


DMS Payments Late Again

How to Go Down With the Ship

(Thanks to DSSer LB for this on the spot report!)

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the payment scheduled for Friday 3/14 will be delayed until Monday, 3/17. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause the members of the DMS community.”

Some were rightfully pissed off:

“Yanoo, this would be believable if payments hadn’t been getting later and later recently. AND they are all but shutting down the writing part of the company and the stock is in the toilet. Now, “due to technical difficulties” payment is delayed till Monday? I was in the accounting field many moons ago but for long […]

Holiday Greetings from Demand!

Demand Media gets ready to shut down over the holidays. […]

Demand Just Keeps Getting Suckier

DSS Regular Another One Bites the Dust dropped us this little snippet from the DMS forums:

“I was recently disheartened and disappointed to be told I am ineligible to write education articles. I have 25 years of classroom experience. I have taught at the middle school, high school and university levels. I have a doctorate in education, a masters degree in teaching history and a masters degree in curriculum and instruction. I have published a column on education issues and contribute to several education publications. I honestly do not understand how I could be ineligible to contribute to the education section.”

And user Rosenblatts**ksj*zz (gotta love […]

Break Studios Sucks

How to Run Out of Content

Had this sent to me from a Break contributor and DSS reader.

This is a picture of the Break content pool (click for a bigger size).

Poor old Break Studios. Where else are we going to read about how to rock a murse?!!!

How much longer until we see this at Demand…..?