Livestrong Sucks Velveeta

In its panties. I shit you not.

R.Head back from the dead. Gonna keep this short and sweet.

I really want to hat tip our friends at BoingBoing and just too good not to remark upon. Article was in that whoopsie state for almost a year, judging by the comments.

The unfortunate typo:

Has since been fixed.

I guess someone got wind of it up in TPTB Tower.

As Xeni points out, nobody had endeavored to remove Lance’s name from, not that there is any reason Ricky Rosen would want to diss his […]

Livestrong Nutrition Going on a Diet?

How to Go on a Diet

Hey kids!

Long time no hear, huh?

Well, sorry, now that I have a “real” job, I’m finding myself much less at Demand Studios (and Demand Studios Sucks, for that matter), than back in the salad days.

Speaking of the salad days, how about that title queue? I don’t have the super top secret Tech Beta privileges, so I don’t get to see those articles, but the general eHow and associated other eHows queues is hovering at a grim 40K titles.

Gone are the days when I was able to write ten articles on Tossing Someone’s Salad in a day.