Stop Making Census

How to Play at CBGBs

Howdy DSSers –

How’s 2014 shaping up for you? Not so good for DS, at least in the new articles department. Apparently they just lost Global Post as a provider, so the thin article pools are about to get even thinner.

Richard is currently out enjoying a bit of success away from DSS and we can only wish him the best of luck. Perhaps he’ll grace us with a guest post one day.

Got this letter in the DSS mailbox. Was too good not to publish.

Dear Demand Media Shareholders,

Remember that Super-Duper, Super-Secret algorithm we used to entice you to buy hundreds […]

Time for a New Post – And More Snark

How to Look Like a Commenter Nerd

Yes. It’s me, P-dawg. We’re still keeping an eye on things here. Basically it’s hard to write about stuff, mostly because everyone has been fired from Demand. There’s still some action in the forums, if you care to poke your head over there.

Before I post these blurbs that some kind enough DSS writers were helpful enough to send in, let me just address the lame ass commenter guy.

Look dude -you’re a young man. You’re smart enough to know how to change your IP address so you can keep commenting after we ban you. You have […]

eHow I Love Rachael Ray

Giff Head scoured the Interwebs for Rachael Ray posed with her shirt hanging low, nipples erect, or her ass poking out. All he found was Rachael Ray’s neighborhood on eHow and an extremely bad YouTube promo piece to accompany. […]

Giff Head’s Rachael Ray Birthday Adventure

Giff Head pokes his head back into the Demand Studios Sucks blog to share his goings on and thoughts about Rachael Ray and the eHow babes. The Suite101 tang has been left for dead fish. […]