Is Demand Still Gaming Google?

Howdy all – sorry for the delay. Been lots of craziness in the Demand Sucks world, but it looks like we have the website back under control. Just so that we all know what the score is, here’s some prices to remind you:

DMD IPO Price 2011: $23.59 Current DMD price 2015: $6.58

Of course, that current price is after a couple of splits, so I’ll leave all the financial mumbo jumbo up to you DSSers or Richard Head if he ever decides to show up again.

Anyway, thanks for all the emails. Here’s a guest post from DSSer “Bob Smith”.

Demand Media Studios was […]

The Beginning of the End?

How to Play The End

This just appeared in the DSS mailbox.

As with everything else, take it with a grain of salt.

Anyone want to report on how those queues are doing? And apparently Demand writing staff are still holding writer webinars?

Message Body: Demand laid off it’s entire branded sales team which closes NYC and Chicago offices.

So think AE,AM, Directors, VP, mark dev, ad ops, finance and others.

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Even Variety Says that Demand Studios Sucks

See! It’s not just us. Even Variety is joining in.

From yesterday’s issue:

Just look at Demand Media, the Santa Monica, Calif.-based firm some thought would revolutionize content production. Not long after the company went public in January 2011, its market capitalization soared to more than $2 billion, sending the then-5-year-old firm’s value briefly past that of the New York Times Co.

Compare those heights with where Demand finds itself today, having plummeted to roughly a quarter of its peak value. Revenues for the most recent quarter were down year-over-year for the first time since that IPO. Co-founder Richard Rosenblatt is no longer CEO […]

Holiday Greetings from Demand!

Demand Media gets ready to shut down over the holidays. […]

Layoffs to Continue Until Morale Improves

Hey kids,

Well, the Demand Media Studios news is flying fast and furious this week.

Hard for us to even keep up!

On a housekeeping note, I’ve also noticed that some of our “Demand Links” over to the side have passed on to that digital graveyard in the Matrix. Check out the link for Demand Studios Secrets – it’s some German web page about appetite suppressants!

Here’s a link to the archive page for Demand Studios Secrets. If you don’t remember, the site was founded by a former Demand employee Kent Ninomiya who was selling a book for $29.95 giving you the […]

Jordan Tells Incorrect Statements

Another email that popped up in our Demand Studios Sucks mailbag.

The original title as submitted was “Jordan Decker is a Liar.”

Which may be true, but it seemed a little harsh.

We’re almost starting to feel a bit sorry for Demand here at DSS, what with these negative articles in the Wall Street Journal and their plummeting stock price.

But then we hear stories like this and put them on the front page.

Here’s the email in full, kids.

As always, feel free to drop us a line with any other Demand news!

= = =

Remember when Jordan Decker, marketing […]