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Howdy DSSers –

How’s 2014 shaping up for you? Not so good for DS, at least in the new articles department. Apparently they just lost Global Post as a provider, so the thin article pools are about to get even thinner.

Richard is currently out enjoying a bit of success away from DSS and we can only wish him the best of luck. Perhaps he’ll grace us with a guest post one day.

Got this letter in the DSS mailbox. Was too good not to publish.

Dear Demand Media Shareholders,

Remember that Super-Duper, Super-Secret algorithm we used to entice you to buy hundreds […]

Demand Studios About to Close – But Will it Reopen?

Today is the day everyone!

If you didn’t hear the news, at 5PM PST, Demand Studios will shut its virtual doors:

Hello everyone,

We recently announced that the Studio would be on vacation while we celebrate the December holidays. We wanted to share some additional details to help everyone plan accordingly.

The Studio site will be unavailable starting Wednesday, December 18 at 5PM PT, through Thursday, January 2 at 8AM PT. During this time, you will not be able to log in to the Studio system.

However, not to worry, as usual the DMS forums are full of helpful tips for getting through this difficult time:

Seven days […]

Even Variety Says that Demand Studios Sucks

See! It’s not just us. Even Variety is joining in.

From yesterday’s issue:

Just look at Demand Media, the Santa Monica, Calif.-based firm some thought would revolutionize content production. Not long after the company went public in January 2011, its market capitalization soared to more than $2 billion, sending the then-5-year-old firm’s value briefly past that of the New York Times Co.

Compare those heights with where Demand finds itself today, having plummeted to roughly a quarter of its peak value. Revenues for the most recent quarter were down year-over-year for the first time since that IPO. Co-founder Richard Rosenblatt is no longer CEO […]

The 2K Title Queue and New Sections

How to Toss One's Salad

Happy 2012, DSSer’s!!

Hope your holidays were a good one!

Just took a sneaky peek at the DMS queue and we’re edging down to the 2000 mark. I think it’s pretty safe to say that by midnight tonight the queue will be south of 2K.

What strange times we live in! Why, it seems like only a few days ago we had a queue full of 100,000+ titles, with over 500 variations on Tossing Someone’s Salad that could be whipped out in a matter of minutes by any seasoned DMS/DSSer.

Ahhhh, those were the days.

The other bit of news we […]

WCP: Writer Con Program?

Has Demand Media studios been ripping off writers systematically on their offers for buyout of rights to written content on eHow or were the offers lowball? A friend of mine says he didn’t get what he bargained for, and Demand tells him to take a hike. They can produce no contract nor documentation. […]